[JDEV] Jabber DevZone News - Two Jabber-related Speeches, and a BOF

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Wed Apr 18 13:29:19 CDT 2001

Two Jabber-related Speeches, and a BOF

The following was posted by ericmurphy at jabber.org via the Jabber DevZone web site (http://dev.jabber.org/):

The first is on Thursday, July 26 about Jabberzilla and Mozilla
Integration by me.

"This presentation will briefly overview the Jabber technology and
protocol, the Mozilla architecture, and then shows how they have come
together to form the Jabberzilla client in detail. Key points would be
coding techniques, skins, and integration with Mozilla.

Code snippets to illustrate important parts of Jabberzilla, and
thorough explanations of how it works will inform the audience.
Techniques would be pointed out that might help others develop Mozilla

A demo of skins for Jabberzilla shows how a customized Jabber client
can be made in a very short period of time.

Finally a demonstration of Jabberzilla's integration with Mozilla
shows how Jabber functionality can be integrated into web pages or
e-mail. An incomplete article in development (for publication on the
Jabberzilla website in a few weeks) can be viewed to preview these
concepts here. The website for Jabberzilla is

The second is on Friday, July 27 about Jabber as a Platform for
Specialized Messaging Services by Carlos de la Guardia.
"This talk demonstrates how Jabber is more than an Instant Messaging
service; it has potential as a platform for IM-based business
services. The session covers Jabber client programming and resources,
along with ideas for Jabber-based applications and XML routing. It
explores actual projects developed from these ideas, including a WAP
cell phone application for chat participation, an intranet application
for sales project meeting support, and a stock tracking application
for detecting swap opportunities involving several different regional

Someone should also submit a request for raw Jabber BOF session. Does
anyone want to do it?


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