[JDEV] XDB Component in Java

Duane Grey dgrey at redsky.com
Wed Apr 18 15:00:51 CDT 2001

Definitely interested in what you are doing. I am looking into extending
with a java service as well. One of the things that I am currently trying to
figure out
is having presence information from clients sent to my component, and
having my component deal with the roster.

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Currently, it can connect to Jabber over base_accept, base_connect, 
or base_exec (for that portion of the connectivity, I'm using 
David Waite's JabberBeans, which is delightfully independent of 
connection type). 

JOSL looks good, I've got some people here looking into 
what would best support our interests. (there are others in 

Anyway, it's still HIGHLY preliminary right now, and I'm 
looking for people to test on a variety of 
platforms, give me feedback, and force 
me to make this a really solid piece of software. 

Matt Diez 

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This sound real cool. 

Are you doing it as a server or command line call? 

As for packaging, I think org.jabber.xdb is prefferable since that's 
what it is. And anyone familiar to Jabber server will know that xdb 
is the backend to Jabberd. 

Licensing -- Most of the Jabber stuff falls under JOSL but an 
Apache or BSD license would be ok by most people, but GPL 
probably wouldn't (at least it would limit to the places where it 
might get used). However, note that under JOSL, Apache/BSD 
people can take it, & compile it into their code & can add 
proprietary extensions. That may or may not matter to y'all. 


On 17 Apr 01, at 16:08, Matt Diez wrote: 

> We've got the beginnings of an xdb backend written in Java, and 
> are presently looking to make it open to the public. 
> Presently it supports registration and authentication over the 
> jabber:iq:auth:0k namespace, handles rosters, and temporary 
> vcards (offline message and filter support will be forthcoming). 
> It should be able to talk to just about any JDBC friendly 
> DBMS (although at present most development has been 
> on PostgreSQL). So, this should take care of Oracle, MS SQL 7.0, 
> DB2, etc, etc, etc. 
> The point: 
> I was rather curious if any of you had any suggestions as to how 
> best to package this. I was thinking that something along the lines 
> of: org.jabber.xdb or org.jabber.backends.xdb 
> Similarly, I'd like to know about any licensing issues I should be 
> made aware of. 
> Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. (Presently, we're 
> looking at putting up a Sourceforge site, etc, etc, etc). 
> Matthew D. Diez 

Mark Wilcox 
mark at mjwilcox.com 
Got LDAP? 

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