[JDEV] why?

Greg Hookey ghookey at elegant.ca
Thu Apr 19 19:56:14 CDT 2001

Good day,
	I've been looking over your IM system for a while now and I am wondering
why you have made certain design decisions.

1)  XML....it's new...it's usefull in some situations, but not this one.
    Why did you choose it.  It's makes now sense.  You made your configuration
	files way too complex.  You've used it as your user database in which a
	file per user is in no fashion scalable and makes your IM system 
	rediculously slow.  XML has no place here.  Especially in a file per user

2)  Why in your new CVS version, try to solve this problem by substituting 
    a relation database for a file system.  You must realize that this idea
	is plain rediculous and does not solve the problem of parsing an XML file
	per user when this should be realistically a database of such information.

I've considering using your product in several projects now and I have always
been deterred by these poor design/implementation decisions.  A tip, just 
because a technology is out there doesn't necessarily mean that is is a good
solution for a problem.  And again, XML doesn't fit the bill.  I will continue
to watch your progress and I wish you luck in the future.  Without a better
design, you are truly going to need it.

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