[JDEV] Jabber through HTTP proxy.

Conry, Lance Lance.Conry at tfeurope.com
Fri Apr 20 01:56:19 CDT 2001

Hi list,

After looking through all the doc I can find, there doesn't appear to be any
provision for clients that are stuck behind a corporate HTML proxy.  This is
one area the ICQ has worked well.  It seems that as long as you have a
connection to the internet, you can use ICQ, no matter what you're behind.
It's asking a bit much for a company to open up a port on their firewall
just so a few employees can use their 'special' IM client.  

So my question.  Is there in fact a method for clients to connect through an
HTTP proxy, or did I read the doc correctly.  If this is possible, can
someone provide a code snippet?  I'm developing a client atm, but connecting
to the server is proving a problem, as I'm behind..... you guessed it, an
HTTP proxy on port 80.

If this is a server issue, in that someone needs to set up a jabber server
that will operate on say, port 80, does anyone know of such a server?

If the jabber transport mechanism is to gain widespread acceptance, then
it's going to have to support this sooner or later.

Till next time

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