[JDEV] msn problem in winjab

sandy mailsandesh at myiris.com
Fri Apr 20 05:53:27 CDT 2001

hi everyone,
i am running the MSN transport as a independent
module of jabber server. its working fine with
most of the jabberIM , winjab gives an error
saying "cannot load agent".

here is my msntrans.xml


  <!-- msnlinker is the "uplink" to the other
jabberd process -->
  <service id="msnlinker">
    <uplink/> <!-- <uplink/> is similar to
<host/>, except that is swallows packets of any
type, xdb/log/normal -->

  <service id="msn.mail.myiris.com">

    <msntrans xmlns="jabber:config:msntrans">

      <!-- If no instructions are found these
are used by default. -->
      <instructions>Enter your MSN Messenger
account and password. Example:
user1 at hotmail.com.  Nickname is

        <FN>MSN Transport</FN>
        <DESC>This is MSN Transport</DESC>

      <!-- <prime>501</prime> -->
      <!-- The default servers are usually ok
      </servers> -->





  <!-- By uncommenting the these two sections,
xdb and log packets will be handled here and not
       delivered to the other jabberd process -->


  <log id="msnlog">

  <xdb id="xdb">



thank u,


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