[JDEV] One more comment on Greg Hookey why?

Lubos Pochman - Audiencebank Lubos at audiencebank.com
Fri Apr 20 09:31:22 CDT 2001


I couldn't resist. I think most of the Greg's complains are without a merit.
XML is great and appropriate
tool for IM (and more).

But he has one point. XDB default file implementation is single biggest
Jabber weakness.

I tried to remedy it by writing XDB ODBC module (using some great work of
other people from Jabber 1.0 days).
When I delved into XDB protocol it was a nighmare, because of poor and
obsolete documentation. I made it
work for Jabber 1.2, bu then upgrading to Jabber 1.4 was almost impossible
task, because protocols changed,
new were added and the only documentation is source code.

That's why I decided to redo xdb odbc to emulate the default xdb file
system. It is not ideal or most efficient,
but it treats xml user info as a black box, so you server guys can do with
xdb protocol whatever you want 8-),
and upgrading to jabber server v.next should be slam dunk (we will see 8-).
Even with this implementation
xdb odbc was tested on database over 1,000,000 users with no noticable

My $.02 worth.

Lubos Pochman (lubosp at desktopdollars.com)

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