[JDEV] why?

Jens Alfke jens at mac.com
Fri Apr 20 11:44:26 CDT 2001

On Thursday, April 19, 2001, at 05:56 PM, Greg Hookey wrote:

> 1)  XML....it's new...it's usefull in some situations, but not this one.
>     Why did you choose it.  It's makes now sense.  You made your 
> configuration
> 	files way too complex.

Your comments here seem to pertain entirely to the use of XML for data 
storage on the server, not to its use in the protocol itself. From an 
architectural point of view I couldn't care less about how a particular 
server implementation manages its data storage; what's crucially 
important is that the protocol works well. The protocol is what all 
implementations must use, and it can't be changed easily.

Others have already pointed out that the use of XML for server-side 
storage is optional. If you have opinions on a more efficient form of 
storage, you are of course welcome to implement them and submit them to 
the project; this is open source, after all.

> You've used it as your user database in which a
> 	file per user is in no fashion scalable and makes your IM system
> 	rediculously slow.

Do you have actual benchmarks that indicate that performance is 
"rediculous", or is this solely based on guesswork? Do your benchmarks 
test both the default XML-file storage and the optional database 
storage? Have you evaluated jabber.com's server, which they claim has 
better performance and scalability?

Without being shown such data or even given any indication that it 
exists, why are we to believe your poorly-spelled assertions?

> I will continue
> to watch your progress and I wish you luck in the future.  Without a 
> better
> design, you are truly going to need it.

That's rather a rude and condescending thing to say, and since none of 
us here have the faintest idea who you or "Elegant Solutions" are or why 
we should trust your technical opinions, you'll hopefully understand if 
we shrug our shoulders and simply toss your message in the circular 
file, while awaiting future communications that show real performance 
figures or suggest improved storage mechanisms.

Best of luck,

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