[JDEV] You're invited!

Dai Jin dai_jin at 21cn.com
Fri Apr 20 12:51:08 CDT 2001

>You have been invited by frank3wang to join the Listed 
>Yahoo! Club named "Jabber IM ".
>To become a member of this club, just go to the
>Web address below:
>frank3wang also sent you a personal message:
>"Welcome to the General Jabber discussion Club! Please forward it to all others"
>You need to go to the address above to join,
>but you can first take a look by going to:
>You can learn more about frank3wang by
>looking at the Yahoo! Public Profile:
>Note: This invitation will expire after 7 days, or after
>being used.
>A Yahoo! Club is a great way to bring friends, family or
>anyone you know together using the latest in Web
>technologies. Club members are able to take advantage of
>a club's private chat room, message boards and other
>features. You can also create your own free club focused
>on any interest, such as hobbies, families and industry
>Clubs are either listed or unlisted. Listed clubs are
>available to the public while unlisted clubs are
>available exclusively to those who receive invitations.
>If you have no interest in joining this club, there is
>no need for you to do anything. You will not be
>enrolled as a member.
>The Yahoo! Clubs team
>P.S. If you need some help on getting started, go to:
>jdev mailing list
>jdev at jabber.org

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