[JDEV] Server problems

Marco Pontello marcopontello at bigfoot.com
Fri Apr 20 13:52:03 CDT 2001


It's me screwing up something testing my very-beta-beta (!) Jabber
client :-), or the server @jabber.com have some problems this days?

BTW, server problems and user black out are an issue even/like with e-mail
& POP3 server. For example, there are times when my 1st mail box run
into problem, and I'm not able to retrive messages from it. Then, I
use bigfoot redirector to route all the message from that time on, to
another mail box. Then, after some times even the latter mailbox run
into trouble, and then I resume the 1st, and so on (is this appening
only with italians providers??!).

Given the actual structure / network layout of the Jabber "model", are
there any solution for server xyz users if that server go down, apart
from having different accounts on differents server?

(Sorry for my terrible english, I hope the message remain
understandable) :-(



May the force be with you!

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Jabber: mark0 at jabber.com

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