[JDEV] transport? Anyone?

Nicolas Lafferty nlafferty at pennswoods.net
Fri Apr 20 13:44:47 CDT 2001

I want to develop a script or transport that works with the keeptalking chat server.

I guess this is what the script would have to do (I think, but i could be wrong).

www.buzz-chat.com uses keeptalking as their chat server. 
a free version is available at: support.keeptalking.com

1. go to www.buzz-chat.com and log in as a guest.
2. each separate chat room in buzzchat would have to correspond to a group
chat in a jabber room.
    a. each user online at buzz chat would have to be viewable via a jabber
client and vice versa.(im not sure how transports work but an identity must
be assigned)
    b. public messages in rooms must be able to be recieved by the client in

3. the pirvate messages should be easier than the group chat. Once the
identity problem is solved.

It has private messaging the i would like to use as the main connection. it has rooms that might be able to use the groupchat transport ( might need different functions though)

well thats about it. Are there anyprogrammers out there that might have some insight?

Any help would be great.


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