[JDEV] Server problems

Colin Madere colin at vedalabs.com
Fri Apr 20 16:18:13 CDT 2001


I don't have an answer for you in regards to the connection troubles, but
due to recent trouble I had connecting to jabber.org I came up with the same
question.  What do I do if my main jabber server goes down?  How can I
easily get (at least) my contact list to another server so I don't have to
re-register everyone?

I did not come up with a quick solution and wonder what the rest of the JDEV
have to say.  I think currently we are relying on servers not going down (or
our connection to them going down) :)

Maybe a "backup server" idea where the servers could share roster info.....


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> Ciao!
> It's me screwing up something testing my very-beta-beta (!) Jabber
> client :-), or the server @jabber.com have some problems this days?
> BTW, server problems and user black out are an issue 
> even/like with e-mail
> & POP3 server. For example, there are times when my 1st mail box run
> into problem, and I'm not able to retrive messages from it. Then, I
> use bigfoot redirector to route all the message from that time on, to
> another mail box. Then, after some times even the latter mailbox run
> into trouble, and then I resume the 1st, and so on (is this appening
> only with italians providers??!).
> Given the actual structure / network layout of the Jabber "model", are
> there any solution for server xyz users if that server go down, apart
> from having different accounts on differents server?
> (Sorry for my terrible english, I hope the message remain
> understandable) :-(
> Bye!
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