[JDEV] Server problems

Marco Pontello marcopontello at bigfoot.com
Fri Apr 20 17:16:10 CDT 2001

Ciao Todd,

Friday, April 20, 2001, 11:41:34 PM, hai scritto:

>> It's me screwing up something testing my very-beta-beta (!) Jabber
>> client :-), or the server @jabber.com have some problems this days?

> [...]

TB> haywire.  When one of the premier Jabber servers in the world goes down
TB> because of some client developer's lack of sanitary testing, it hurts the
TB> Jabber movement.  I'd really hate to have to get medieval and start blocking
TB> people who use "unapproved" clients on Jabber.com.

I totally agree with you!

In effect, my quoted phrase was meant to be a funny/joke to intro the
rest of the message. I never really run anything but JIM, WinJab,
myJabber or the Java applet versus the jabber.com server.

I understand it's my fault, since I don't have the necessary
familiarity with the written english to make me clearly
understandable, sometimes.

Btw, I have done just a couple of online test, with the jabber.org,
because now I'm working of other aspect of my (will be... may be!)
client! :)

Sorry for the misunderstand and... May the Force be with the
Jabber.com server! :-)



May the force be with you!

marcopontello at bigfoot.com
Jabber: mark0 at jabber.com

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