[JDEV] resources and contacts via non-native transports

Julian Fitzell julian-ml at beta4.com
Sat Apr 21 12:02:07 CDT 2001

Yes, I submitted a partial fix but haven't heard anything abuot it.  I suspect however that it may be a bit of a hack.  I haven't had time to track down whether it handles sending messages to the resource with the highest priority for example... actually, I guess that would be handled by the main server when the transport sends the message to a user without a resource specified.


On 20/04/01 at 10:58 PM Mathew Johnston wrote:

>I find that when I have a second resource online, the second resource does
>not receive presence notification for contacts that are already online
>when the second resource logs in. The first resource sees that x and y
>contacts via ICQ transport are online, but when the second logs in, it
>does not find out until the contact changes status.
>This occurs using winjab and rival, I'm not sure about gabber, as that is
>usually my first resource :)
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