[JDEV] Possible Problem with jud-0.4

Harold E. Gottschalk Jr. heg at sirlabs.com
Sat Apr 21 17:36:42 CDT 2001

I have built a service based on the jud-0.4 service and found that after
using the search feature twice with the type = 'set' communications to the
client stopped.  I then tried it with the jud service and the same thing
happened.  I set the server in debug mode and looked at the messages it spit
out.  I found that it always received the messages form the client,
processed the request, but when it did the deliver it did not send it to the

I reviewed the code and just started commenting things out and found the
offending line of code.  I modified the code slightly and it worked, but the
modification from my perspective was benign.

jud_search.c 85-96

        case JPACKET__SET:

            /* create result container */
            q = xmlnode_insert_tag(p->x, "query");

            /* XXX-REPLACE-WITH-HASHES&INDEXES! BRUTE FORCE spin through all
the entries finding the matches and copying them into the result */
            p->aux1 = (void*)q;


If I removed the following it worked
or modified as follows

I have had no other problems with the server I am running It under RH7, JS
Version: 1.4.1 OS: Linux 2.2.17-14 compiled it as specified in the docs.

I was wondering if this is a known problem?  If so what should I do to
correct this?

I do not understand why changing that line made a diff on how it sent it
back to the client.

Any help would be appreciated.


"If at first the idea is not absurd, then there is no hope for it." - Albert

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