[JDEV] File transfer and Jabber

Rob Kooper kooper at cc.gatech.edu
Sun Apr 22 11:52:33 CDT 2001

Ok, just to start thinking about this and maybe at one point start
implementing this into the server (will need some help from client

Since we already have the whole connection system in jabber I was thinking
of when I want to transfer a file, I'll send it to the server that I am
connected to and send the file as chunks (size and rate depending on
flowcontrol parameters). The server can then either collect the chunks till
all data is received, and then send the chunks to the receiving user (after
first asking for its flow control parameters).

The xml-data (not familiar with xml so will have to do a quick read for this
part) will contain, sender, filename, msgnumber and total msgs. This way we
can have some simple progressbar, and the receiving user can see who is
sending (and potential cancel).

The flowcontrol I am talking about will contain the size of the packet to
send and the time between packets. So for instance if I have a 56K modem, I
can decide to make my packetsize 10K, and half a second time, this will
result in jabber sending the file in burst of about 2seconds, with half a
second inbetween for other messages to come through.

My thinking on why to do this, is that if the user has a proxy (even a http
proxy) the data will still arive, no need to know ip-address of receiver.
Also if the data is encrypted using SSL or pgp, the file will also be

Comments please,


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