[JDEV] Jabber Events

Jens Alfke jens at mooseyard.com
Sun Apr 22 12:09:05 CDT 2001

Uli <uli at leben.de> wrote:

> does Jabber right now support the following things:
> 1. events:
> onReceive -> we are getting a message

That depends entirely on the client. Jabber is a network protocol. It of
course sends XML messages to the client over the socket when such actions
happen. What the client wants to do in reaction to these messages (open a
window, play a sound, run a script, catch fire, whatever) is up to it.

Are you interested in writing your own client or using an existing one? If
so, which one?

> 3. Can I send messages to some users only

Sure, the client simply lists the receivers in the <to> sub-element of the
<message> element. Read the protocol docs.

> 4. Can I send / define my own messagtypes (receive and send) for e.g. format
> control (Color, Font....).

Formatting is done via XHTML. Again, see the protocol docs.

> 5. Some messages should only be visible as Textmessages
> 6. Self defined "Systemmessages" must be sendable to the clients but only to
> some clients (dynamic). Data are stored e.g in MySQL.
> 7. Usermessages are send only to special user (e. g. conferencing)

Again, client issues.

> 8. "God-mode" for Administrator

What does that mean? Obviously no client can do things that the server
forbids, like for instance getting the status of another user without first


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