[JDEV] server problems and solutions

mark at mjwilcox.com mark at mjwilcox.com
Sun Apr 22 15:22:39 CDT 2001

The current Jabber (and shared with the IM world) is based upon 
the normal Internet model of 1 client, 1 connection to 1 server. But 
that server is really just an IP address. 

So when you ask yourself what do I do when my Jabber server 
goes down, it's the same question as "what do I do if I lose my 
mail or Web server". The answer is to move your single point of 
failure out from your Jabber server.

Setting up base Jabber to handle load-balancing and redunandt 
servers wouldn't be too much of a problem. Doing things like 
groupchat might because I'm not sure if there is a facility to share 
conference information between servers. For example u1,u2,u3 are 
on J1 and u4,u5,u6 are on J2 but all should be in Conference C1. 
This can fairly easily remedied by moving groupchat from a shared 
module (ie loaded onto each server instance) to a server module 1 
instance shared by the jabber servers. Of course you still must 
have a redunandt system for the conference server. 

So in theory it's quite possible to build redunandt Jabber servers. 
However, the practicality of it, is going to be difficult for now.

Mark Wilcox
mark at mjwilcox.com

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