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mark at mjwilcox.com mark at mjwilcox.com
Sun Apr 22 15:26:43 CDT 2001

FYI Windows 2000 doens't provide for LDAP authentication via 
LDAP. It uses kerberos.

I haven't looked at your code, but if you did something silly like 
retrieve the password from the LDAP server and then compare it in 
the xdb module, that was very bad thing to do. The password 
should always remain in the LDAP server.

If you're interested in doing LDAP based stuff in jabber, take the 
code I wrote for Jabber 1.0 and run with it at

As you'll find out, we already answered most of the questions 
involved in adding LDAP support to jabber (authentication and 
vcard). It just needs to be ported to 1.4.

Plus there's already a rather good one for 1.4 that I saw last week 
that does authentication, including 0knowledge auth and vcard. I 
would recommend using that module or extending that module 
rather than writing your own. 

While it's always more fun to invent the wheel, it's much more 
useful to the world (and generally more profitable) to hone the 

On 20 Apr 01, at 12:06, zad wrote:

> Hi everyone,
> I just loaded up a very simple LDAP Login Authentication Module to
> download.jabber.org, I think a few freinds were interested. I 'd be
> glad to have some feedback on this module. I have tested it on a 1.4
> server running on a Redhat 6.2 box and Microsoft ldap running on
> windows 2000 box, and it is working fine for me.
> BTW: It's only a working draft !
> zad
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