[JDEV] Simple LDAP Authentication

zad zadk at mynet.com
Tue Apr 24 03:03:48 CDT 2001

 I want to quickly answer this mail.

> FYI Windows 2000 doens't provide for LDAP authentication via
> LDAP. It uses kerberos.

I installed Microsoft Site Server 3.0 on a windows 2000 box which comes with
a Membership Directory. The Membership Directory contents are accessed using
the LDAP Service.

> I haven't looked at your code, but if you did something silly like
> retrieve the password from the LDAP server and then compare it in
> the xdb module, that was very bad thing to do. The password
> should always remain in the LDAP server.

How can you judge anything, before even looking at it !

> If you're interested in doing LDAP based stuff in jabber, take the
> code I wrote for Jabber 1.0 and run with it at
> http://xdbldap.tigris.org.

I was not aware of what you had done, and probably I am not the only one.
Plus it is good for version 1.0 isn't it ?

> As you'll find out, we already answered most of the questions
> involved in adding LDAP support to jabber (authentication and
> vcard). It just needs to be ported to 1.4.

I understand that you have already answered most of your questions,  but the
thing is that I couldn't find the answers to mine.

> Plus there's already a rather good one for 1.4 that I saw last week
> that does authentication, including 0knowledge auth and vcard. I
> would recommend using that module or extending that module
> rather than writing your own.

That doesn't address my specific needs. I have to use a different approach.

> While it's always more fun to invent the wheel, it's much more
> useful to the world (and generally more profitable) to hone the
> wheel.

I didn't do it for fun, unfortunately, I don't have time for that. I needed
a component to use the jabber server in my specific situation. Since I
couldn't find it in the available stuff, I built it. Then I put it up in the
contrib area, in case anyone else needed it. I think this is what anyone
else, including you would have done. Although we wish it was so, nothing in
life, is as simple as it looks.

> Mark


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