[JDEV] ICQ tranbport exited

guy segal at telemessage.com
Tue Apr 24 05:41:10 CDT 2001

I've been running an ICQ transport for some weeks now, with no apparent
All of a sudden, it starts exiting when sending a message thru it, with the
following debug info:

Tue Apr 24 11:36:37 2001  deliver.c:645 delivering to instance 'icqlinker'
Tue Apr 24 11:36:37 2001  mio.c:907 mio_write called on x: 81836A0 buffer:
Tue Apr 24 11:36:37 2001  dnsrv.c:163 DNSRV CHILD: error on read
Tue Apr 24 11:36:37 2001  dnsrv.c:168 DNSRV CHILD: out of loop.. exiting

What's the matter?

Guy Segal
TeleMessage Ltd.

Email:   segal at telemessage.com
Phone:  972-3-9200934
Mobile:  972 - 53- 411723
Fax    :  972-3-9225253

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