[JDEV] memory leakage

Randy Higginbotham rhigginbotham at dgitech.com
Tue Apr 24 08:00:58 CDT 2001

unix or windoze? See Purify by Rational (www.rational.com) or Insure by
Parasoft (www.parasoft.com). I've used both but on unix only. I favor
purify. Once you get passed the install and understand how to use it, your
memory leak problems are over. By the way, is this a jabber.org application
that is leaking or something that you wrote?

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  I have an application which has serious memory leakage . It gradually
  eats up total systems resources in 2-3 Hrs. Causing other application
  lose their toolbars, change in font etc. When i close 1-2 (other
  application) everything becomes normal but only for 15-20 minutes.
  Can anyone tell me how to pinpoint the erring source code??
  Please help me out , this is URGENT.
  thanks in advance.
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