[JDEV] Distributed design of jabber

Leon Kwan leon at icon.com.hk
Tue Apr 24 21:07:05 CDT 2001

Sorry that may be I do not make the question clear.
actually, since I found that in jabber.com, it says that the commercial
version of jabber supports multiple server:
"Enables Distributed Processing across multiple server "farms" which in
 turn may support multiple CPUs."
"Allows components of a Jabber server to be distributed across multiple
 machines, enabling a greater degree of inherent redundancy."
and even support distributed socket:
"Enables groups of "socket" connections to be distributed across
 in front of one or more Jabber servers. "

however, I found that there is no documentation in jabber.org telling us

how to achieve that our self. I even do not know the system architecture

of such design. Or this can be done only in commercial version such that

my question is stupid here?

-Thanks for your kind attention.

>    *boggle*.
>    Err, long, lonely nights, with lots of coffee and candy bars?  This

>question makes no sense.  If your asking how to allow servers to talk
>other server, it does this pretty much out of the box..
>From: Leon Kwan <leon at icon.com.hk>
>To: jdev at jabber.org <jdev at jabber.org>
>Date: Tuesday, April 24, 2001 6:15 AM
>Subject: [JDEV] Distributed design of jabber
>>Any genius know where to get how to make the distributed architecture
>>Jabber server?

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