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Wow -- I've been out of pocket for almost 3 months now ...  and I really enjoyed the .NET distraction, er, discussion ... too bad I missed it ... anyway:

I too was looking for some Open Source voice support and ran across Speak Freely ... last I read he (Brian Wiles) was working on consolidating the Unix and Windows GUI into a single source base using wxWindows.

Anyone have any experience with this?  

My first thoughts (but I haven't delved into it as of yet) is that it would have to be chopped up pretty good to replace it's current connection system with, say, a Jabber Client and an OOB ... but I know he has an ICQ patch so it might not be so bad

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  hello ...

  i got your email from JDEV discussion , 

  from your discussion , i've read about hearme.com that provide open sourse . can you give me the address of this site because i'm trying to develop a voice chat applet ...

  thanks for you help .. i really appreciate it  
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