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David Iodice diodice at dgitech.com
Wed Apr 25 07:23:27 CDT 2001

The ICQ patch is rather trivial if you look at the code.  But I don't want
to imply that it was a trivial effort on Brian's part.  In fact, I applaud
him for getting it to work with ICQ.

I haven't seen yet if Brian was able to integrate the openH323 stack within
SpeakFreely.  I should think that if you wanted to do voice chat, you might
prefer to use a standards-based solution (although I'm not sure how long
H323 is going to be around, it is here now and there has been momentum).

<recipe for=disaster>
It is fairly easy to write a simple new VoIP client with the openH323 code
(if you are a C++ programmer) and create you own "endpoint" (an H323 term).
There  are sample applications in the openH323 distribution. The code is
ported to a variety of OS's

However, the BIG issue is that the software creates TCP and UDP connections
so it has a need to get the IP address of the destination.  But I don't see
that as a problem either (with a little code).  If the client requests a
voice chat, the other client must "accept the call".  When the other client
accepts the call, he/she/it should send its IP address back.  Now what will
happen is a direct connect call  between the clients -- no server in the

IF that Jabber client mod can be accomplished, I think you could wrap a
system call around their simpleH323 program and pass it the right parameters
without having to write any new code (from an H323 standpoint).  And you can
do video chat as well :-)

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Wow -- I've been out of pocket for almost 3 months now ...  and I really
enjoyed the .NET distraction, er, discussion ... too bad I missed it ...

I too was looking for some Open Source voice support and ran across Speak
Freely ... last I read he (Brian Wiles) was working on consolidating the
Unix and Windows GUI into a single source base using wxWindows.

Anyone have any experience with this?

My first thoughts (but I haven't delved into it as of yet) is that it would
have to be chopped up pretty good to replace it's current connection system
with, say, a Jabber Client and an OOB ... but I know he has an ICQ patch so
it might not be so bad

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  hello ...

  i got your email from JDEV discussion ,

  from your discussion , i've read about hearme.com that provide open sourse
. can you give me the address of this site because i'm trying to develop a
voice chat applet ...

  thanks for you help .. i really appreciate it
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