[JDEV] Jabber through HTTP proxy.

Conry, Lance Lance.Conry at tfeurope.com
Wed Apr 25 09:02:29 CDT 2001

Hi list,

Does anyone know a jabber server that's listening on port 80 that I can test
against?  I'm developing an IM client behind an http proxy that will only
deliver and receive data with port 80.

It's possible, as can be seen from the following post on the devzone of

aviv - Apr 18, 2001 17:04:26 PM PDT  
We tested HTTP proxy passthrough with server 1.4.1 in our proxy testing lab,
and this is working great. If the proxy supports ports other than
HTTP/HTTPS, it can be directly used to access the jabber server through the
standard ports. We were also able to set our jabber server listening on 80
as well as 5222, and then even more stricter proxies would go through. This
is really a fascinating extension that would enable a larger set of users to
work with the jabber technology. 

Any help greatly appreciated.

Till next time

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There is a modification in the latest Jabber (1.4.1) to allow XML streams
to run over a proxy. There's at least one person who regularly uses an 
HTTP proxy to connect to the jdev room, for example. 

Check out http://jabber.org/?oid=972 


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