[JDEV] Distributed design of jabber

Dave Smith dizzyd at dizzyd.com
Wed Apr 25 20:23:35 CDT 2001

Lemme just translate this marketing stuff to engineering speak:

> >"Enables Distributed Processing across multiple server "farms" which in
> >  turn may support multiple CPUs."

Jabber.com reworked the server to be pre-emptively multi-threaded
(pthreads). Additionally, some work on JSM was done to permit multiple
JSMs to be fully meshed across a network. 

> >"Allows components of a Jabber server to be distributed across multiple
> >  machines, enabling a greater degree of inherent redundancy."

Not sure what this means. :) 

> >"Enables groups of "socket" connections to be distributed across
> >mini-servers

The component formerly known as jpoll. Open source now has an
equivalent called dspm (or dpsm, never can get it straight).

As it stands, j.com has pretty much rewritten most of jabberd to be super
efficient and thread-safe. This was _not_ a minor undertaking, but was
well worth the effort. Jabber.com provides a super-fast, fully QA'd
and peer-reviewed implementation of jabberd/jsm/etc. They've worked very
hard to make it scalable and robust. :) Doing these sorts of things
(scalability and robustness) have not been things that the Open Source
movement has shown much interest in this far (with good reason). Very
few people need to run a Jabber server for 200k+ concurrent users;
these are (some of) the people that Jabber.com caters to.

Hope that helps. :)


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