[JDEV] Groupchat and "secrets"

Greg Wong greg.wong at plumtree.com
Wed Apr 25 23:08:39 CDT 2001

just my $0.02 on chat rooms.

I was thinking that it would be also cool to be able to merge rooms. I am
not 100% sure if this has been discussed already (I need to catch up on this
mailing list).

So, the idea would be to have the chat room owners agree to merge the two
chat rooms into one room.

Similarly, what about the ability to branch off a room into a new room?

I really haven't given either a lot of though; however, I could think of
several instances where I'd like to have the former (ability to merge
rooms). The latter may be silly considering any user can just as well create
a new room. The only reason why the latter may be important is in organizing
public chat rooms by subject.

just passing thoughts from a late night programmer.

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