[JDEV] Karma and transferring large XML message packets...

Peter Sparago peter.sparago at snet.net
Thu Apr 26 04:44:06 CDT 2001

Hi Guys,

David and Jens are correct (I should have posted the resolution). A day or two ago, I discovered that I had a couple of bytes containing 0xB7 in the CDATA. The weird part was that the XML checkers I used (on Windows) didn't complain (go figure, right? :-) which led me in the completely wrong direction. Thanks for your help.

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  On Wednesday, April 25, 2001, at 04:18 PM, David Waite wrote:

    bytes >127 are actually supposed to be UTF8-encoded

  That's actually almost certainly why the server was barfing on the data -- bad UTF-8, not bad XML. For example, IIRC, a byte >127 indicates the first byte of a multibyte character, and the subsequent byte(s) of the same character are supposed to also have the high bit set. So any three byte sequence of the form [<128] [>=128] [<128] would be illegal UTF-8 and cause the parser to barf.

  So David's recommendation to go with base64 should fix the problem.

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