[JDEV] Howto remove a broadcast message from server?

Peter Saint-Andre stpeter at jabber.org
Thu Apr 26 10:28:15 CDT 2001

Hmm, I've never sent a MOTD (only a broadcast to all online users) so I
haven't seen this behavior. However, the standard jabber.xml file that
comes with the server has the following documentation of broadcast

   Sending to /announce/motd/delete will remove any existing
   motd, and to /announce/motd/update will only update the motd
   without re-announcing to all logged in users.

So I think if you send the following XML as a server admin with write
privileges (as set up in your jabber.xml file), your users will no
longer receive the message you sent:

    <message to="yourhostname/announce/motd/delete"/>


Peter Saint-Andre
stpeter at jabber.org

Auke Jilderda wrote:
> And, while I'm at it, here's my second problem that doesn't want to go away:
> I have a company internal Jabber server running (version 1.4). Recently, I
> broadcasted a message to the users via this:
>         <message to="yourhostname/announce/motd">
>                 <body>message (of the day) that is sent only once to
>                 all users that are logged in and additionally to new
>                 ones as they log in</body>
>         </message>
> Problem is, the message keeps popping up on my users' screens everytime they
> log in again.

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