[JDEV] Groupchat and "secrets"

David Waite dwaite at jabber.com
Thu Apr 26 12:03:01 CDT 2001

Peter Saint-Andre wrote:

> David Waite wrote:
> > I'm currently working on a new draft for 'Generic Conferencing'
> In other words, if you have ideas for what conferencing should do, feed
> 'em to Mr. Waite. :)

You can also post things to the Protocol Discussion board on jabber.org,
specifically under  'Generic Conferencing' (http://jabber.org/?oid=881).
This requires a jabber.org account to post, and be warned that posts are
required to be html-formatted ;-)

> > with a number of changes
> How about those encrypted rooms?
> IMHO, it would also be cool to have more robust meta-information about
> each room (room owner, description, maybe a DMOZ-style topic hierarchy)
> to enable better searching.

Right now I want to focus just on the rooms themselves, and not things
like heirarchial structure or searching. I also thing that these
mechanisms should be proposed outside of conferencing - either
jabber:iq:search and jabber:iq:browse currently out there, or a new
proposal to replace those two.

As far as encrypted rooms are concerned - there are always tradeoffs for
doing encryption, and it would be interesting to see what people come up
with for implementing encrypted rooms. For instance, I'm a fan of
end-to-end encryption through rooms so that the room doesn't have to be a
trusted entity to the participants in the room, but there are cases where
this would be desirable.

Right now I'm just interested in the basics - authenticating/joining a
room and creating rooms. Steps neccessary at room creation or
authentication time neccessary for some encryption scheme would be nice to
know, though :-)

-David Waite

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