[JDEV] Groupchat and "secrets"

Jens Alfke jens at mac.com
Thu Apr 26 12:09:53 CDT 2001

On Wednesday, April 25, 2001, at 08:56 PM, David Waite wrote:

> The stuff in JPG (Groupchat 1.0) is not obsolete; its not even 'legacy' 
> yet :-)  The 2.0 'Generic Conferencing' proposal up at 
> http://docs.jabber.org/draft-proto/html/conferencing.html is not yet 
> finished.

OK, now I'm really confused! I was working from the JPG and getting 
mixed up about some of the examples. Then temas told me "that's old; 
look at the Generic Conferencing docs instead". So I started 
implementing that. But from what you're saying, it seems that it's not 
implemented yet.

Also, the JPO [1.6.6] describes the jabber:iq:conference namespace for 
generic conferencing, which seems to be basically the same stuff that 
the proposal describes.

So if I want my client to work today with existing groupchat/conference 
servers, what protocol should I implement?

> I'm currently working on a new draft for 'Generic Conferencing', with a 
> number of changes[...]

Could I see the new draft and perhaps comment on it? (Actually, I'm 
about to leave on vacation for two weeks, so if you plan on posting it 
before 5/13, just ignore this request.)

> You could both have a non-persistant room in which the last person out 
> turns off the light, or a persistant room which is always there in some 
> form or another.

Good! Presumably the persistence is a flag specified in the 
jabber:iq:conference query that creates the room?

> One of the things I'd also like to start rolling on is an 
> 'invitation-only'-type room. There would be an invitation list 
> maintained, and only people invited to the room could join.

I am very interested in such a feature. Basically, a persistent room 
with invitation-only semantics where you can get a list of all members 
[whether or not they're currently present] is a big step toward a form 
of virtual community.

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