[JDEV] EtherX - What's the protocol?

temas temas at box5.net
Thu Apr 26 20:13:59 CDT 2001

Just so I'm clear before I make a more full reply, what your saying is

You have an IM system you want to bridge to Jabber, and rather than
making a single transport that could be distributed to other people, you
want to make a transport that you just run on your servers
in front of your setup.  This way admins only have to alias the
transport to you and not actually setup a transport.  Correct?


On 26 Apr 2001 16:25:02 -0700, Mark Zamoyta wrote:
> Hi,
> I was thinking of writing a Jabber Transport to my company's IM system, but
> the problem is getting the transport installed on 35,000+ Jabber servers,
> handling transport installation problems, making sure the transport gets
> bundled in with future Jabber servers, etc...
> I'm thinking it's alot easier for my company's IM system to "pretend" to be
> a Jabber Server.
> Can I just integrate EtherX into my current system?   Is the EtherX protocol
> documented anywhere?
> I'm interested in any ideas concerning this!
> Thanks,
> Mark
> www.airstrategy.com
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