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Iain Shigeoka iainshigeoka at yahoo.com
Sat Apr 28 10:25:01 CDT 2001

At 09:24 AM 4/28/2001 +0530, Himanshu Kansara wrote:
>Hi Jabber developers .....
>Well, I m  a member of the team ,developing client in Java I have few 
>doubts  so i would like to share it  with u.
>First Jabber using XML protocol and as the no of tags of the protocols r 
>not much how much it is correct to parse it using the inbuilt String class 
>of Java..???
>Second if not How to include XML parser into Java  Program ??
>There is a lots of discussion is going on Proxy,firewall and Jabber.
>  I am facing the same problm at the few days ago asked 
> by  "vikas_dua"  my client software is unable to connect to any Jabber 
> servers (jabber.com,jabber.org) it is showing "Remote Host time out 
> Exception"and rest of the client like Jabber IM and Winjab are working 
> perfectly... at that time answer ws gven but not through answer was 
> availabl  so can anybody explain me how to do tha ..???t.


Check out the JabberBeans project at www.jabber.org.  It will give you a 
huge head start on creating a Java Jabber client.  To answer your questions 

Go to java.sun.com and check out the Java XML extension.  Two types of 
parsers are available as part of the standard distribution.

If you're behind a proxy/firewall you'll need to add support for the 
firewall in your client.  This would be a proxy (SOCKS4/5) socket in your 
socket factory (see SocketFactory and SocketImpl).  I'm not aware of any 
readily available free Java SOCKS4/5 socket libraries out there (please 
tell me where to find one if you know of one).  So you'll either have to 
write your own (a big task) or buy one (or use a native library using JNI).


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