[JDEV] mod_groups persistance

Roger Buck rog at saas.nsw.edu.au
Sun Apr 29 00:53:05 CDT 2001

Playing around with various jabber.xml options I noticed that when I
made config changes to Shared Groups (mod_groups), the user roster info
was not being updated.

For example, if I changed a group <name/>, then the old group name would
still persist in the client rosters - even after various refresh and
re-starts. I found same behaviour on following clients (winjab +
myjabber + rival messanger - untested on other clients or OSs).

After some experimentation I found that I needed to delete and refresh
the client roster group (delete - not just refresh). 

On Shared Groups that had initially been configured using the <require/>
tag, I had to comment out that tag and get users to refresh their roster
groups before the new changes would take effect.

Could someone please confirm that this is not just a peculiarity with my
own (mis)config ;^)


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