[JDEV] Jabber with Linux distros?

Fabien Ninoles fabien at Nightbird.Dynamic.TZoNE.ORG
Sat Aug 4 08:59:51 CDT 2001

On Sat, Aug 04, 2001 at 02:09:45PM +0100, Jonathan McDowell wrote:
> On Sat, Aug 04, 2001 at 01:12:21PM +0100, Oliver Rose wrote:
> > I think I remember seeing a jabber server in the stable tree of
> > debian.  Again, I think it was an old version.
> There's no Jabber bits in stable. However there are in unstable and so
> some of these will be part of the release that should happen by the end
> of the year hopefully.
> the:/# apt-cache search jabber
> gabber - A GNOME Jabber client.
> jabber - Daemon for the jabber.org Open Source Instant Messenger
> konverse - a Jabber client for KDE
> libjabber1 - Jabber Transport and various lib functions
> libjabber1-dev - Jabber Transport and various lib functions
> libxml-stream-perl - Perl module for accessing XML Streams
> libxode1 - library of XML and string helper functions.
> libxode1-dev - library of XML and string helper functions.
> The jabber server version is 1.4.

Yes, but with no transport as far as I know, mostly no doc and no
automatic way to configure it easily.

> I've been thinking about uploading JabberX at some point, but I'd rather
> wait for a release of it first rather than just uploading a CVS build.
> J.

JabberX miss a lot of things to be very useful by itself (like nick
setting, tab completion and history).  But it's on a good way and I used
it almost everytime.

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