[JDEV] Moving passwords into LDAP (was Re: Storing passwords on Jabber server)

David Waite dwaite at jabber.com
Sun Aug 5 18:41:51 CDT 2001

beyond all of this, there is still an issue on how authentication works 
within the open-source Jabber server, and how it determines if a user 
account exists (for instance, to decide if to put a message in offline, 
or what to do with a presence subscription when a user is offline). 
Currently, this is done doing a jabber:iq:auth request - this means that 
if there is nothing to look up using an xdb jabber:iq:auth request, the 
account will not work properly.

- David Waite

jabber at msg.net wrote:

>>>'mod_auth_ldap', and 'xdb_ldap'.  Of these, only 'mod_auth_ldap' appears to
>>>be actively developed, and all three have scalability issues.
>>What scalability issues? I'm sure I could think of a couple (the auth
>>module blocking its single thread being the most obvious), but you sound
>>like you've done a bit more investigation into this than I have. If you
>>have any suggestions as to how to improve the module, I'd like to hear
>>it :)
>>From xdb_ldap.README:
>	jabber makes a lot of authentication request when an
>	user logs (4 requests : one auth:get, two auth:0k:get and one
>	auth:0k:set) in and binding to the LDAP server takes a lot of time.
>And if you use SSL, then the startTLS mechanism adds even more overhead
>to the initial TCP connection, so you need to get into connection management,
>or pushing the LDAP connectivity to a separate thread or a standalone app,
>to work around the connection startup and blocking issues.
>>>OTOH, while 'mod_auth_ldap' never retrieves the user's plaintext password
>>>from the server, and works without priviledged access to the LDAP server,
>>>it only supports Jabber's password (no Digest, no 0K) authentication, where
>>>the client sends their password in the clear. This isn't so bad if you can
>>>ensure that your clients always use SSL to connect to the server.
>>Though _any_ not-SSL LDAP client suffers from this problem. I beleive
>>someone has a patch in the works to SSL-enable mod_auth_ldap. The LDAP
>>administrator at my organisation has a project underway to make
>>LDAP-over-SSL available. Once this exists, I will probably look at
>>adding SSL support to the module, which should fix the Jabber server <->
>>LDAP server side, at least.
>I believe xdb_ldap went this road, including using SSL/TLS for authentication
>to the LDAP server instead of storing the jabber server's LDAP credentials
>in the xml configurations. The xdb_ldap package was forced to take into
>accounts ome of the scalability issues due to the high overhead of SSL
>session startup.
>If you take a look at xdb_ldap, it is _not_ using the user's existing LDAP
>credentials for authentication, instead it is simply using LDAP as an XDB
>backend for the authentication token, hash and the VCARD-temp data, by
>using a custom objectClass derived from inetOrgPerson.
>>Though there's still the plaintext password being handed from the Jabber
>>client to the server, which unfortunately, isn't quite so easy to fix.
>Actually, what I was thinking about was turning off port 5222 and mandating
>users to connect with SSL-enabled jabber clients (port 5223), which improves
>the client-to-server plaintext password issue, though there are still some
>concerns (due to weak SSL implementations in clients).
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