[JDEV] Jabber with Linux distros? Target the ISP market

Ashvil ashvil at i3connect.net
Mon Aug 6 05:42:51 CDT 2001

I am new to the Jabber community, so these thoughts may have already be
echoed before.

Besides targeting the Linux distros (and FreeBSD ones, etc.), one market
that Jabber needs to go after is the ISP hosting services. The goal should
be to make Jabber a part of the services the ISPs offer (right now it
web+email+ other services).

Jabber needs to get to the 'must have' status like Apache and SendMail. A
simple marketing message would be - Does your IM have your own domain ie.
xyz at abc.com or do you have those 'Free' <sneer>unprofessional</sneer> IM
accounts .

A lot of businesses started off with xyz at isp.com or xyz at hotmail.com and then
moved on to their own domains. This battle has to be fought and won here.
The ISP market is the one that keeps IIS from killing Apache and the Jabber
community needs to leverage them before others close the door.

As the new guy, I have the following questions -
Has this been done before?
Is this a priority for the Jabber Foundation?
Is there a plan to achieve this?
Are there any ISPs on this mailing list? Please comment on what features you
think are important and are missing?
Are there ISPs that offer Jabber services? or plan to?
Is there a commercial Jabber server product targeted at this market?


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