[JDEV] Jabberd failure to compile on Solaris7

Thomas Charron tcharron at ductape.net
Wed Aug 8 09:48:45 CDT 2001

Quoting Moses James A PHCA <MosesJA at phdnswc.navy.mil>:
> 1. I compiled jabber 1.4.1 on my Sun Sparc20 and whenever I run it I
> get:
> /usr/local/jabber-1.4.1>./jabberd/jabberd -h server1
> "ld.so.1: ./jabberd/jabberd: fatal: libpth.so.14: open failed: No such
> file
> or directory"

  This means that the server cannot locate a library that it was dynamically 
linked against.  I'm unsure offhand, as I cannot remember, exactly where 
solaris gets these paths, but those paths are more then likely not including 
the path where the libpth.so file is located.

> 2. If I use the precompiled binary jabber version 1.4, jabber works
> fine.
> However, I still want to compile it so I can add in conferencing and
> other
> stuff.

  I *BELIVE*, but am not sure, that the precompiled version available is 
statickly linked, hence, doesn't attempt to load the library..

Thomas Charron
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