[JDEV] Cannot start a conference

David Waite dwaite at jabber.com
Thu Aug 9 09:12:05 CDT 2001

The Jabber protocol is for the most part DNS-based; in that things need 
resolvable names if they are to be used by the outside world (through 
server to server), and that that components running within the system 
need to have separate unique names.

Make sure that conferencing is set up as a service within the jabber.xml 
file, and make sure you are creating a conference room on the component 
(ie., make sure the server-name is set to be the conferencing component 
and not the main jabber server)

-David Waite

Justin Naik wrote:

>I am using the latest stable release for the Jabber server on jabber.org
>(1.4.1?) on redhat 6.2.
>The server starts ok and I register and connect successfully, but if I try
>to add a conference named conf1, I get the message:
>xdb_file failed to open file ./spool/[server ip]/conf1.xml: No such file or
>(where [server ip] is my jabber servers ip address)
>I looked at the xdb settings in jabber.xml - they are:
><xdb id="xdb">
>    <host/>
>    <load>
>      <xdb_file>./xdb_file/xdb_file.so</xdb_file>
>    </load>
>    <xdb_file xmlns="jabber:config:xdb_file">
>      <spool><jabberd:cmdline flag='s'>./spool</jabberd:cmdline></spool>
>    </xdb_file>
>  </xdb>
>Do I need to change this?
>Any help would be much appreciated,
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