[JDEV] Removing users from Roster with JabberCOM

Mark Lynch Mark at surfcast.com
Thu Aug 9 10:15:23 CDT 2001


I'm wondering if someone could clarify the exact sequence needed for a user
to remove a contact from his roster and also remove himself completely from
that contacts roster. Exactly how things work in WinJab is how I would like
it to work in mine. I've looked at the source and from what I can see am
doing everything right. 

When you say remove a contact, it calls Delete(index) on the roster, this in
turn sets the subscription to remove and calls update. 

The other user then receives an unsubscribe request which it responds to by
also calling delete(index) for that user on it's own roster. 

At this point I get an unhandled query in their of type ResultIQ with IQID
of JCOM_10 and a null namespace after which things go a bit mad and I get a
Subscription TO update and the user doesnt get removed from my roster.

Sorry if this is a little vague, if anyone has a clue as to what's happening
or what I'm doing wrong please help!


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