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Dave Waite dwaite at jabber.com
Tue Aug 14 12:27:04 CDT 2001

Staying with the Yahoo example:

You could make something in the form of a Yahoo 'bot' which represents 
Jabber conferencing rooms and their users within the traditional chat 
interface. You may also be able to let Jabber Users join a Yahoo 
chatroom by having several 'proxy' user accounts which are assigned to 
Jabber Users anonymously. The real issue is that there is that these 
other IM systems do not have a concept of multiple servers.

If there was a protocol to translate between a foreign IM system and 
Jabber in the server to server sense, rather than having to simulate 
users on the other system, we wouldn't have these particular 
interoperability issues.

-David Waite

Max Metral wrote:

>I've run into this one before too, and I agree full functionality is not
>available...  But couldn't we do some proxying tricks to make this work
>right?  e.g. when a Yahoo member enters the room, the proxy sends a message
>to the room announcing all occupants even though the Yahoo UI won't SHOW the
>occupants?  I think any working experience is better than "you can't
>conference with a Yahoo user and MSN user at the same time" which the user
>just won't understand or like...
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>Technically something like this would be in the realm of the transports; 
>a yahoo chatroom would be handled by the yahoo transport. However, you 
>would not be able to have mixed users within a room, just like you 
>cannot have mixed users in a one-on-one chat - everyone in the room 
>would need a Yahoo account and need to be signed up for the (fictional) 
>yahoo-transport. This is because a yahoo chatroom has no concept of a 
>Jabber user, and Yahoo users have no way to access a non-Yahoo chatroom 
>via the Yahoo protocol.
>-David Waite
>Dillip Kumar Swain wrote:
>>Hi All
>>I am using Jabber server 1.4.1 & JabberIM as
>>client...I have Installed Yahoo, Msn & Icq Transport
>>successfully...next I want to make chat/conference
>>with different peoples from different services..for
>>that I have configured conference-0.4.1. But I am able
>>to make a conference with jabber people only not other
>>services like yahoo,icq & Msn.....I want to Invite
>>different services people in a room... Is it possible
>>Thanx in Advance!!
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