[JDEV] Silly questions about jabber server

Edmund Lam epl at unimelb.edu.au
Fri Aug 17 03:00:45 CDT 2001

   I'm a newbie to Jabber and I've been trying to understand the code,
protocol etc. As a result, I've now got several questions whose answers
I cannot find in the docs.

Could someone please enlighten me on one or more of the following -

1) What is the purpose of the URL "http://etherx.jabber.org/streams"
and why is it hardcoded into the source? I'd have thought it should be
in the config file (jabber.xml) or #define'd. I'm also wondering what
"etherx" suppose to mean. I know there was a mailing list, but it seems
dead now and there are no description what the etherx project was.

2) "jsm at update.jabber.org/" is also hard-coded? Like the etherx URL, I
would have thought this email_addr/jid should be encoded in the config
file or #define'd.

   I dunno, I get nervous when I run code which contacts other servers
without my explicit approval.

3) What is the C macro SINGLE is used for? Is it related to compiling
the server statically? If not, how would I compile jabber statically?

4) I'm also interested in the reasoning behind the command-line parsing
code. It seems like a lot of work to push it into a hash-table. Why not
use getopt() or something like that?

Can someone please answer these questions.



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