[JDEV] Magrathea Beta Release

Vijay vijay at i3connect.com
Mon Aug 20 07:07:22 CDT 2001


1) We are glad to announce First Beta release of Magrathea(download available at http://www.i3connect.com/download.html).
We have added support for HTTP proxy and SOCK4 proxy.  Now users behind firewall can also
enjoy games on Magrathea. There is one new game added called 'Dots'. Work
done on Beta release has made it much more stable as compared to Alpha 2
realease. We request jdev members to upgrade & help us solving bugs & adding
features by posting bugs & feature requests.
We have added bug reporting system in client which makes it easy for members
& other users to post feedback easily.
So, we urge folks to upgrade and report bugs directly by clicking the Submit
menu item.
We will appreciate users & members helping us testing features which are
added i.e Proxy support & Game.

2) Based on the feedback from Thomas and Jean on jdev (Thanks), we updated
wire protocol & we are still working on wire protocol which will be
completely integrated with our next Beta release.

Vijay Balani,

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