[JDEV] Yahoo Prob??

Keith Minkler keith at digix.net
Wed Aug 22 11:54:48 CDT 2001

which version of yahoo! transport are you using?  previous versions are
now obsolete, since Yahoo! changed it's packet slightly, and made the
transport start sending invalid XML, which was dropped by the server.

The latest CVS has fixes for this.. I'm not sure if I made a release of
that fix or not, I can't remember just now.. yahoo.jabber.org is using
the latest code from CVS (actually, it's running from my box here for 
the time being, it's being blocked somehow from jabber.org.. either 
firewall blocked, or purpusly blocked, i'm not sure).

Try latest CVS, if you are running your own server, it should fix that

On Tue, Aug 21, 2001 at 11:50:12AM +1000, Darren McVean wrote:
> Hi Guys,
> I'm using winjab to talk to a pal on yahoo and msn. MSN is fine both ways.
> But on Yahoo I can send my message and he gets its but I can't get any
> replies. Twas wondering if they have changed something or if I'm messing up
> somewhere.
> cheers,
> Darren
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