[JDEV] setting presence generates odd error?

Dustin Puryear dpuryear at usa.net
Thu Aug 30 15:15:38 CDT 2001

We are working with Jabber 1.4 under AIX thanks to Matt Diez. I am
setting my presense using:

<presence> <status>online</status> <show>online</show></presence>

In error.log I get:

20010830T20:12:42: [warn] (-internal): jsm: Invalid Recipient, returning
data <presence from='test_1 at viagra.vedalabs.com/Receive'>
<status>online</status> <show>online</show><x xmlns='jabber:x:delay'
from='test_1 at viagra.vedalabs.com/Receive'
20010830T20:12:44: [warn] (-internal): jsm: Invalid Recipient, returning
data <presence from='test_0 at viagra.vedalabs.com/Sender'>
<status>online</status> <show>online</show><x xmlns='jabber:x:delay'
from='test_0 at viagra.vedalabs.com/Sender'

This doesn't happen under Jabber 1.4 on a Linux box, at least not that I
can see. At first I was using "Available" instead of "online," but Matt
suggested I try online. Both generate the above error.

Am I doing something wrong, or is jabberd burping?

Before I started working on this I was also using the <show/> tag:

int xml_set_presence(char *buf, int maxlen, char *status, char *show)
        snprintf(buf, maxlen,
                " <status>%s</status>"
                " <show>%s</show>"
                status, show);

        return 1;

Pretty simple, eh? I'm curious what I am doing wrong, if anything.

Regards, Dustin

Dustin Puryear <dpuryear at usa.net>
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