[JDEV] Buddy icon support?

Julian Missig julian at jabber.org
Thu Aug 30 17:20:36 CDT 2001

The various JIG mailing lists are not defunct. There is an existing proposal
for buddy icons over Jabber which temas has put up somewhere, I just can't
recall where at the moment.


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Subject: [JDEV] Buddy icon support?

> Is anyone considering how to implement support for buddy icons in
> Jabber? By this I mean the ability to retrieve from the server a small
> picture of another user, to display in the buddy list or chat windows.
> AIM has this feature. Ideally you would be notified in semi-real time of
> changes to a user's icon, so they could alter it along with their status.
> Simply storing the buddy icon isn't difficult -- I'd probably use the
> server-side data storage feature making up a new namespace for the
> purpose, and putting the image data as Base64'd CDATA inside an element.
> The problem is how to notify people when the picture changes. Otherwise
> other clients will either retrieve it only once (and miss changes) or
> keep polling it (which wastes bandwidth.) Here the best answer I have is
> to add an optional flag to the <presence> element that notifies
> listeners that they should re-fetch the picture.
> (I'm aware that the protocol list would be the ideal place to discuss
> this, but that list appears to be essentially defunct, so I'm using jdev
> instead. If anyone's interested in starting a discussion of this, I'll
> gladly move that to the proto list.)
> --Jens
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