[JDEV] Executor module for Jabber

Chris McDonald phx-jabber at mindspring.com
Fri Aug 31 00:50:58 CDT 2001

Hey Rob,

	This looks really interesting...I'd like to use it for exactly the
application you mention, sending mail.  Is there a way to adapt it for
receiving though?  I want to use Email in conjunction with Jabber to
communicate between Jabber and wireless messaging devices that communicate
via Email.  Any thoughts?
	I'm also getting ready to start working with your <mod_auth_ldap> module.
Keep up the good work!!!  We appreciate it.

Chris McDonald
Jabber Admin phx-jabber
Earthlink Phoenix Call Center

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Hi all,

This is an announcement for the most recent Jabber-related thing I've
done. This time its a module that forks and executes UNIX commands to
handle received messages. This makes it really easy to set up something
like a Jabber->mail gateway, all you do is have it call /usr/bin/mail.

Think /etc/aliases for Jabber, sort of. Or maybe CGI for Jabber.


I'd be interested it hearing about it if you decide to use it, simply
because I had trouble thinking of good examples, though I have no doubt
that it could be useful.

And for those that care, the SIGCHLD problem was solved by forking,
then having that child process fork another child to do the actual
work. Then the first child exits, the parent cleans it up immediatly,
and the second child gets orphaned, so when it exits, init cleans it
up. Disgusting, yes, but it works well.


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