[JDEV] Executor module for Jabber

Robert Norris rob at nauseum.org
Fri Aug 31 16:55:18 CDT 2001

> 	This looks really interesting...I'd like to use it for exactly the
> application you mention, sending mail.  Is there a way to adapt it for
> receiving though?  I want to use Email in conjunction with Jabber to
> communicate between Jabber and wireless messaging devices that communicate
> via Email.  Any thoughts?

Not really. The component itself just executes external programs, it
doesn't know anything about mail (or anything else, for that matter).

There's a couple of things you could try though:

- There a smtp-transport in CVS .. I haven't used it, but its reported to

- Write a simple program that takes an email message on standard in and
  sends it into Jabber (in Perl using Net::Jabber, perhaps), and plug it
  into your MTA via /etc/aliases or similar.

That second one interests me, now I think about it. Maybe if I get some
time this weekend I'll look at implementing something.

> I'm also getting ready to start working with your <mod_auth_ldap> module.
> Keep up the good work!!!  We appreciate it.

Thanks for the kind words :)

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