[JDEV] SMS Transport Ideas

Migs Paraz map at internet.org.ph
Thu Dec 6 23:56:41 CST 2001

I'd like to write a transport for sending messages to an SMS gateway.
At present my gateway that is send-only; I do not have the ability to
receive SMS messages.

We need some sort of credit system since we are paying for the messages.

My current thinking is to let the JID contain:
- the user's GSM phone number
- amount of credits remaining

When a user sends the message to the gateway (say to my number as
639178109728 at sms.internet.org.ph), the component sms.internet.org.ph will
use the sender's mobile number as the 'from' number, such that when I reply,
it will go to that person's mobile phone.

Will Jabber work well with such 'one way' messaging?

Is there any work on a framework for 'unified messaging' so we can 
collaborate on the work?

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