[JDEV] BLOBs, "picture messaging"

Migs Paraz map at internet.org.ph
Wed Dec 12 08:53:00 CST 2001

any updates on this?

BLOBs and Messaging
Posted on September 25, 2000 by jer
BLOB stands for Binary Large

OBject, typically an image, video, or audio file, but could
represent any binary data.  Often I'm asked how Jabber handles BLOBs and
why it doesn't encode and transfer MIME objects within the protocol, so
I'd like to explain clearly why I think BLOBs may not be appropriate
in a diverse messaging infrastructure.



I ask because I'm thinking about doing "picture messaging" for a consumer
market where the user sends messages with cute pictures attached to them.

Given the doc above, they shouldn't be sent in-band; so I was thinking of
doing some sort of caching on the recipient end since the sender has only
so many pictures to choose from.  If the recipient does not have it yet,
then they will be given a choise to fetch it via HTTP, possibly from a
"trusted server."

I got the picture messaging idea from Nokia mobile phones.

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